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Rockin' at the Gear
from the keyboard of Eric Phillippe on 08-07-2010

We were looking forward to playing the Gear with a great amount of anticipation. The Gear shares space with Current Church, pastored by our long time friend and fellow musician, Gene Feasel. Gene and John, his brother, used to play in a band called Valiant along with their brother Doug and friend Chuck. We had the opportunity to play with them several times back in the nineties and have maintained a friendship and mutual admiration ever since! Well, the day arrived and the Gear didn’t disappoint.

After meeting at Scott’s and load in, we traveled to Franklin, IN. We were fortunate enough to have put plenty of cush time in, so we were able to grab a bite to eat and then head over to the club. We felt a real kinship with Chad, the booking agent for the Gear and of course were very happy to see John again! After some initial discussion about where we were going to stage Al’s thunderous kit, we quickly got to work. After set up, we were able to fellowship with Nail Driven, a young band from Linton, IN and Sacred, a rock outfit made up a father and his sons.

At 8:00 pm, Nail Driven opened up their set with covers by Disciple, Pillar, and POD, as well as some originals. These guys were on fire for Jesus and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future! Sacred was up next. They had a great set with a lot of variety in it. I got a kick out of watching their drummer pound the living snot out of the skins!!

Finally, we took the stage and, after a brief intro by John, launched into our opener “Fitz Like A Shoo.” We changed up our planned setlist slightly so that we could include a King’s X cover “Power of Love,” which we dedicated to John and Chad! The crowd was crazy into our set the whole night. It wasn’t a large crowd, but what they lacked in numbers they more than made up for in enthusiasm! They even attempted to crowd surf, which was a blast to watch given the numbers! We played a fast paced, but relaxed, set that just kept building in intensity. Everyone seemed to like what they were hearing. Oh, I have to give a shout out to John Stewart and his lovely wife Lori for coming to see us play on their date night!! Now, that is the definition of friendship! The audience shouted the chorus on “Log In My Eye” so loudly that I’m sure people on the other side of Franklin were wondering what was going on. We finished with our ode to metal “Outcast” that was the perfect ending to the night.

We got tons of kudos and had a blast. Mega thanks to the Gear….and I hope that we will be able to play there again in the future!!