..: a brief history :..

Stones Crye began life as Stonebridge in December 1993 with Eric Phillippe at the vocal helm and Rick Richardson on bass.   In February of 1996 Scott Hampton joined on guitar and soon after the band took a new musical direction with Rick and Scott colaborating on several compositions.   Drummer Randy Haagsma leaves the band in May 1997 and is replaced by Alan McCord in July 1997.   Rick Richardson resigns in January 1998 but is soon replaced by Hans Leck in February.   It was at this point the band was rechristened as Stones Crye and proceeded to garner a considerable following from a relentless string of appearances.   In October 1998 Alan McCord resigned. It wasn't until January 1999 when a new drummer was found in Tony Benages.   A few months later Hans left and a bassist was never found until the band split in mid 1999.  

..: 1999 - 2007 :..

Since 1999 there have been several times where two or more members have discussed regrouping but commitments to other bands (among other reasons) kept it from materializing.   In the spring of 2005 Eric begins talking about a reunion to record 'the old songs'.   Al had in that time started playing bass and was in Torn Veil with Eric.   Scott and Tony had stayed together playing in Blaq Lily and then XIX.   In July 2005 rehearsals begin and a brief yet failed attempt was made to regroup with Tony on drums and Alan playing bass.   While some new compositions came from this collective, it simply wasn't the right time for it to take place.

..: 2008 :..

Eric and Scott begin once again to discuss reforming, and agreeing his drumming is an equally integral part of the Stones Crye sound, immediately asked Alan to join them.   The intent is to regroup where 1999 ended, bringing back many (but not all) of the songs from that time, and injecting new songs (some written since 2006, some written before the band split in 1999) for a diverse collection built around the Stones Crye sound.   In the offing, are plans for that ever elusive CD, concerts, and more music.   And yet, the music is still just a vehicle, for what Lord willing will be a more focused ministry.

..: 2009 :..

In spite of a fruitless search for a bassist, rehearsals continued until June when Aaron appeared. Finally - BASS.   And oh how good the songs sound again.   Stones Crye is officially reborn and ready to reemerge. Check out our schedule and come out and say hello!