. . : the band : . .

Eric Phillippe   vocals, acoustic guitar
Eric is a 16 year veteran of the central IN music scene. He has been the lead vocalist for several local bands, including Stonebridge/ Stones Crye, Torn Veil and his worship side project, the Encounter. His vocal style is best described as diverse. Ranging from very melodic vocal lines to intense rhythmic growls/chants, you never know what approach he will take in a song. In addition, he brings his experience as a youth pastor to bear on his concert performances. "I know that Stones Crye will continue to set a high standard for both performance and ministry!" says Eric. Currently, Eric is a student at IUPUI as well as leading the worship team for a new church plant called the Gate.
Scott Hampton   guitars, bgv
For more than 3 decades, Scott has played various instruments in numerous bands/projects and musical styles, including Praise & Worship, Stones Crye and Blaq Lily.
Alan McCord   drums, bgv
Early on, Alan knew music was going to be a big part of his life. He was classically trained on piano from the ages of 8-16. During that time, he also picked up the flute and alto sax, and sang in various choirs and school musicals. Following a brief hiatus from music, and while in the Army, he found an affinity and a natural ability for drums, and began to pursue them. He played in a couple of garage bands in the early 90's, and took another break until joining Stonebridge/Stones Crye. After leaving SC, he played on the worship team at Simhat/Ahavat Yeshua Messianic Jewish Congregations from 1999-2006. During this time, he also picked up the bass and played for Torn Veil from 2001 to 2005.
Aaron Olvey   bass, bgv
Aaron's musical escapades began with the trumpet in the 3rd grade, and eventually moved to the bass at age 16. Influences include: Gene Simmons, Derek Smalls, Toby Myers, Billy Sheehan, and a host of others too numerous to mention here. Aaron and his lovely wife Denise live in Sheridan with their two sons.

. . : the faithful few : . .

Doug Webster   life support
Doug came into the fold when Stonebridge transitioned into Stones Crye and has been the "5th member" of the band since, masterfully manning the helm of our live sound (when he's not playing bass for Autumn's Descent or busy with TV/studio/touring engineering).