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A Fantastic and Exhausting Weekend!!!
from the keyboard of Eric Phillippe on 03-21-2010

Truth be told…there are not many words that can do justice to this weekend. We’ve been looking forward to this show for awhile because it was happening at Higher Calling, the church that Scott and I attend. This was a new experiment for Higher Calling as this could help launch a new concert ministry there. Scott has been putting in major time organizing this show. Also, it would be the first full length show we’ve done in Indy since reforming as well as a chance to play with our good friends Outer Sanctum. So…we felt the stakes were pretty high!

We started out on Saturday when we set up for the worship service that Stones Crye would be leading at Higher Calling on Sunday morning (another Stones Crye first!). What we thought would be a fairly quick process turned into a seven hour excursion as we ran into multiple sound problems. Luckily for us, our sound guru, Doug Webster, was able to navigate the intricacies of the digital board…with added input from Ron and Ericka, who filled in for Doug at the last gig when he had prior commitments. We also realized that we had forgotten some old lessons, such as the need to pray continually, as Paul says. In spite of the long day, we ended on a good note and were anticipating the next morning’s service.

Sunday morning arrived quicker than we thought possible. We finished rehearsing early and chilled until the service started. We toned it down quite a bit but still were able to rock it up as we lead a 5 song set. We also had the chance to do “Lay Me Down” as a teaser. We got a great response from the congregation and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
After a very brief visit home, we all arrived back at Higher Calling for a quick sound check and brief rehearsal. Our friends Outer Sanctum arrived, and after a quick load-in, they set up and did a sound check. Probably the funniest moment of the whole weekend happened during Outer Sanctum’s sound check. Do to all of us in Stones Crye being wiped from the long weekend and morning worship service, we retired to restricted back area and crashed out on the couches. At one point and time, all of us were either asleep or resting…ah, the beauty of getting older!!!

Outer Sanctum blasted out of the starting gate and put on a fantastic show…I think these guys sound better every time I hear them! Though the crowd was initially sparse, people kept arriving and we ended up with a crowd of 50-60 people. Outer Sanctum played for about 40 minutes and the crowd really enjoyed them. After a brief changeover, Pastor Zach introduced Stones Crye and we were off! We played many of our older tunes as well as a couple of new tunes. “Pain”, in particular, seemed to generate a good crowd response. I shared a brief message and finished out with “Log in My Eye”, “E.S.R”, and “Nebraska.” Ron, Ericka and Charlie did a bang up job (for you young’uns that means “great”) on the chorus and their participation helped get everyone involved. All in all, it was a fantastic and exhausting night. Hopefully, this will be a new ministry opportunity for Higher Calling and for Stones Crye. Many thanks to our friends Angie and Toby, Rick, Danielle, Jim Harmon and Paul Wasson for coming out and supporting us!!!